In The Beginning…

I have blogged for several years, but have never done anything serious with it. Most of my posts have been under pseudonyms. Starting this blog came about because a friend of mine and I share some common interests, and we thought we could work together to provide some entertainment and possibly a service. Our faith is a primary part of our life, and you can expect to see a lot of posting along that line. But we also enjoy technology. Perhaps, as time goes on we can find a few more writers to put some work into things. For now, it’s the two of us pounding out the content.

A primary focus of the site is going to be to share information on technology. We’re both avid users of Linux, and mutually can’t stand Microsoft. Unfortunately we have plenty of experience with their products. Between us, I think we have over 40 years of experience in front of PCs. I personally do odd jobs working on PCs, building websites, and managing networks. My personal network, at times, has over 20 computers and devices hooked to it.

I spent the last ten years installing Linux almost every year to see if it had come far enough for me to abandon Windows. Finally, about a year ago I made the plunge. The learning curve has been a little steep at times, but I’m starting to settle in. The most frustrating part of the transition for me was finding good information on how to accomplish tasks. There are so many flavors of Linux available now. Add to that the array of desktop choices, and it quickly becomes daunting to pick one. Then when you search for help on a topic, a zillion pages come up and you have to filter through them trying to find what applies to your flavor, and version. Time spent searching through results for an answer burns up a lot of time. It’s my hope that we can put that fire out, and get the new user quick results to the easy problems.

Not everything you find here will be “original content.” Truth be told, there is a lot of great information on the web for Linux already, but Google is only so good at narrowing down what you’re looking for. It gets better as you develop a vocabulary for the operating system, but for the newcomer it’s horrible. This inability to accomplish anything in a reasonable amount of time, I feel, is a major deterrent for users to move to Linux.

We hope to utilize this website to compile information in such a way that it is quick and easy to find help. We’ll start with the most basic things, and work from there. I am hoping that eventually the search feature on this blog saves people a lot of time and as a result encourages individuals and companies to dump the Windows and start saving thousands of dollars on software expenses.

With so many versions of Linux out there, we had to pick one to run with. My personal favorite, as a new user, was Linux Mint with the KDE desktop. I feel Linux Mint installed quickly, and with limited hassle. I tried many desktops, including XFCE, Mate, Cinnamon, Gnome, and KDE. Without question KDE is the closest thing to a Windows 7 environment that Linux has to offer. It seems to have the greatest number of mature applications and the most customization by way of clicking (as apposed to needing the command line).

I have no problem recommending KDE to other new users. I even recently gave away a laptop to someone at church, and had Linux Mint w/KDE installed. A few months later I asked them how it was working out and their response was they loved it. The couple I gave it to are just average users, not overly computer savvy. They expect to press the power button, and be able to do a few things on it.

In the end, we hope to use this website to save people from the punishment that sin brings (by introducing them to truths about our savior Jesus Christ) and from punishment of Windows (by making a transition to Linux easier).

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