Response: California Transgender-Student Bill

If the transgender-student bill wasn’t so disgustingly in violation of the rights of straight people this might be funny! I’m trying to figure out how many drugs a person has to take throughout their life to come up with the idea that this makes sense. So now, the little girl who already gets teased about certain parts developing early has to deal with the absolutely uncomfortable fact that while Johnny claims to be a girl he’s actually got a penis and likes to stare at Susie’s parts in the shower! Not to mention the effects this might have on elementary level kids.

I can tell you right now, before I was saved, the day this bill went into effect I’d have been signing up to use the girls bathroom. And I’d venture a guess that about 90% of the straight males out there, if honest, would say the same thing about themselves at middle and high school age. Why can we not understand that gender is not a choice?

We’re passing out condoms in schools now days, and talking about sexually transmitted diseases but I’m thinking we don’t have the budget to teach about Male and Female Chromosome differences. If we do, then someone needs to re-educate a few of these old timers making these decisions. No matter how many body parts you cut off, or add to your person, what you are gender-wise does not change. In fact, with current science it’s flat out impossible to change your gender at all. It doesn’t matter how many surgeries you have or how many pills you take. You are stuck with two X or an X and a Y chromosome. Nothing you do will change the 23rd chromosome pair and thus you are male or female for life. And get this… That decision is made at conception!

Now, how about we stop all this bathroom choosing non-sense in California and the few nut-job run states that are allowing it already? Naw. This fight isn’t even really worth entering into. The problem is here to stay, and get worse. When same sex marriage passed the flood gates were opened to anything. I was talking to friends about this type of thing happening before the gay marriage amendment passed. There is no end to this in sight. Next on the agenda: pedophilia, bestiality and necrophilia. Because after all, the state doesn’t have any right to tell us what we can love anymore than who we can love. Right?


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