Response: TODD’S AMERICAN DISPATCH: Christian bakery closes after LGBT threats, protests

I can honestly say I saw this coming. I predicted that when we started legalizing same sex unions it would run down this path. I had debate after debate with those who said it wouldn’t. I showed research where it had done so in other countries which had legalized same sex unions. Person after person claimed, “It’s not the place of the state to decide who can and can’t spend their life together. It’s about love!”

It was never about the right of a gay couple to spend a life with someone they love. If it was about that they wouldn’t need the unions. They could have gotten legislation put in place that gave them the same tax penalties, the same death benefits, and in many cases they already had the same health insurance benefits as companies offered insurance to domestic unmarried couples without asking if they were same sex or not. It has always been about acceptance. The LGBT communities idea of equality is “acceptance.”

It’s almost frightening how fast this process is actually starting to unfold. The language that is starting to get used by people in regards to accepting same sex unions and lifestyles is starting to reflect ideas used by dictators to program people to think and act like they want them to.

The Germans used concentration camps to re-educate homosexuals between 1933 and 1945:

“The exhibition explores why homosexual behavior was identified as a danger to Nazi society and how the Nazi regime attempted to eliminate it,” says exhibition curator Edward Phillips. “The Nazis believed it was possible to ‘cure’ homosexual behavior through labor and ‘re-education.’” As their efforts to eradicate homosexuality grew more draconian, gay men became subject to castration, institutionalization, and deportation to concentration camps.”

Vietnam used them, calling them re-education camps, after the end of the Vietnam war to re-educate former government personnel of the South.

“Officially, the Vietnamese government does not consider the reeducation camps prisons, but rather places where individuals could be rehabilitated into society through education and socially constructive labor.”

This idea is scary when right here in the United States the same language is starting to be used regarding a Christian family that might take a stand for their faith. Labor Commissioner Brad Avakian is quoted as saying:

“Everybody is entitled to their own beliefs, but that doesn’t mean that folks have the right to discriminate,” he told the newspaper. “The goal is to rehabilitate. For those who do violate the law, we want them to learn from that experience and have a good, successful business in Oregon.”

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I don’t think I can put the paraphrase into better words than the writer at Fox News did when he wrote:

In other words, Christians who live and work in Oregon must follow man’s law instead of God’s law. But in a show of benevolence, the state is willing to rehabilitate and reeducate Christian business owners like the Kleins.

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Don’t think this is an isolated incident. A small amount of work on Google will show you plenty of other examples. The Fox News article cited above shares quite a few other situations for you to start your research with. It’s funny how just a few days ago a friend of mine suggested that Christians always think they are under attack. I’m not sure how else to take this. If Christianity is not under attack in this nation, what does an attack look like?

What is ironic to me, is how nobody considers this harassment. Nobody considers this outside the scope of acceptable. The LGBT community, or supporters, are threatening to run vendors out of business who do business with this bakery, they are threatening the family physically, and nobody is saying anything about it. Where are all the “Christians” that blindly supported same sex unions? They are standing by silently while their brothers and sisters are being persecuted for trying to live their lives as the scriptures tell us. Yes, being run out of business, being threatened, and harassing people associated with you is a form of persecution.

In the event you think I’m taking the parallel of re-education camps too far, I encourage you to head on over and read Leaked Army document calls for concentration camps in United States. There is a 326 page document attached to the post which you can see as the source.

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