Stop Using our Soldiers as Political Pawns

Soldier pawnsIt would be nice if people would stop using our soldiers as political pawns in every way possible. The screen shot to the left is an example of a common theme. If you want to push an agenda, you simply ridicule the person you’re fighting against. If you want to pack as much punch as you can, just negatively compare your political adversary to soldiers in some way. In this case, the argument is against raising the minimum wage. While the stance against raising the minimum wage is a logical one, the tactic of exploiting soldiers for political gain is pathetic and extremely flawed.

This graphic could be referencing several things about being a solider in making the comparison. Which one is it? Is it the fact that they can be away from home for 12 months or more at a time? Is it the fact that their job function is one of protecting our country? Is it the fact that they risk life and limb in order to do their job? Or is it some mix of all of these things?

Let’s assume that it’s the fact that they risk their life. So, the argument becomes, since a soldier risks his life for less than minimum wage, then a guy selling fries should not be making fifteen bucks an hour. Notice the argument doesn’t suggest that our soldiers earnings should be higher, it simply says that the guy making minimum wage is not worth more. It further implies that perhaps the guy selling fries should make less money than the soldier because his (the fry guy) job isn’t as valuable as the soldiers.

Let’s look at just a quick list of jobs for fun. For example: a CEO of an investment firm, the CFO of Apple, a programmer at Google, a tax accountant at a private firm, a local dump truck driver, and my personal favorite is the web developer(s) of a politically charged website full of ads that creates graphics using soldiers as political pawns in order to get people, even the exploited soldiers, to share and like them.

Now, which of these jobs is so important that they should, by the same measure as people making minimum wage, make more money than soldiers who make less than minimum wage? I can already see you all bouncing in your seat with your hands up eagerly waiting to to be called on so you can give the only logical answer, which is of course, “NONE!” Yet, when is the last time you saw the wages of a graphic designer, web developer, or CEO mentioned on a single one of these graphics? Never!

You know why these jobs are never mentioned? Because the real issue has nothing to do with soldiers or what they make. In reality if a soldier’s pay goes up, your taxes go up. Something else I’d bet you have never heard anyone say is: “Raise my taxes so we can pay soldiers more.” If you have, that person was nuts and you should ignore them. Crazy people aside, nobody actually wants a soldier paid more, they just want the fry guy paid less, and so they are not supporting soldiers in these graphics, they are using soldiers as a pawn, a tool, for their own political gain.

I, for one, think my son’s life is worth 100 times what he or the fry guy make, especially when he’s on a deployment. This graphic and agenda does nothing to fight for my son, but rather only serves to protect the business owners’ that are paying minimum wage.

Don’t mistake this blog post as being support for minimum wage hikes. I certainly think minimum wage is stupid, a waste of time, and nothing more than a political ploy for the left to use as a tool to get reelected by those ignorant enough to believe that a raise in minimum wage is going to put them in an economically better position in life simply because they make more dollars each week. I understand that when, and if minimum wage goes up, so will the price of every single thing that a person paid minimum wage buys, meaning that at the end of the year, their pay will be worth the same, or maybe even less overall value.

What I am actually saying in this post is that using our soldiers as pawns in a fight against any political agenda other than one that specifically benefits them, is ridiculously disrespectful. Unless you’re going to fight for MORE pay and benefits (which essentially equates to higher taxes) for our heroes, then stop using them at all. These graphics are revealing about the sheep mentality, and ignorance of those making, and sharing them.

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