Disable TouchPad in XUbuntu While Typing

The most annoying thing about running a laptop has got to be when you are in the middle of typing and the palm of your hand sets down, or almost sets down, on your touch pad causing the cursor to leap to where your mouse was and your text to either get deleted, or you begin typing someplace unintended. This is how to deal with it!

Version: Ubuntu 14.04
Desktop: XFCE 4.10


Click on the Application Launcher (start), click Settings, and then select Mouse and Touchpad.

mouse and touchpad settings

On the Devices (first) tab, select the sub tab Touchpad.

disable touchpad while typing

Check the box Disable touchpad while typing. You can set the duration with the slider below. The duration controls how long after you stop typing the touchpad will remain disabled. The default, 2 seconds, has seemed to be more than enough for me.

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