Re-Docking Toolbars to the Top Of Window in LibreOffice Writer


floatingToolbarSo you’ve decided to drag a tool bar out of the upper dock point and use it someplace else on the screen. Or perhaps you’ve opened a new toolbar and would like to dock it along the top of writer. Whatever your reasoning, If you’ve found this page it’s likely because you’ve come to realize the procedure for doing this activity has got to be the least intuitive thing possible.

I was playing around with LibreOffice last night showing a friend the difference between the initial setup of LibreOffice and OpenOffice, and explaining why I actually liked the OpenOffice setup a little better initially. But of course that’s nothing you can’t fix in Libre. At which point I grab the tool bar, yank it out and quickly dock it to the right side. Snapped it right in place. Beautiful – just as I’d expect it to work. And then I tried to drop it back onto the toolbar group at the top of the window, and as you probably know if you’re reading this, it didn’t work.

Now there might be a setting someplace that allows you to do this, but that’s beside the point. Let me just say that the fact that this can’t be just dropped back in the top group by dragging it up there has got to be one silliest GUI development blunders of all time. I mean seriously, this expected behavior is completely obvious and ignoring that fact is just silly. This type of thing is exactly what pushes people away from open source projects. As developers we should always be looking to build our stuff like the user expects it to work, what’s intuitive, what’s not? But I digress.

The action required to put the toolbar back is simple, even if ridiculous. Simply hold down your CTRL button and double click on a vacant spot (a place with no buttons or actions) on the toolbar that is floating. Note where my cursor is in the image below (CTRL-Double Click).

showmouseYou’ll notice in the image below that my toolbar is right back where I wanted it.


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