Single Best Printer We Have Ever Owned – We Love The Brother MFC-L2700DW


I waited a while to write this review because so often I get a product and it works great, but then a few months later something goes wrong or I uncover something about it that I can’t stand. Fortunately, even having had it for several months, that has not happened with my Brother MFC-L2700DW. This printer has, for the most part, been simply amazing.

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Where The Road of Liberal Theology Leads

fitness-swingersSeriously, swinging for the Gospel? This is where the road leads that most Christians are on. Those that tell me that guarding our minds, and expecting other professing believers to do the same, is some form of legalism, are on this road. Many of the things we do in our churches, and use as so-called ministry are inexcusable actions. Some of which is disgraceful to even talk about. Video games that glorify violence as a means of “building bridges” to the lost? Movies that are full of coarseness, adultery, murder, violence, lying, etc as a way to entertain our youth so that they would feel comfortable “bringing a friend?”

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Response: The man had a bible in his hand. So why did he make me feel so uncomfortable?

This morning, I woke up and the first thing in my feed was a post someone had shared by Andy Youso entitled, “The man had a bible in his hand, so why did he make me feel so uncomfortable?” Typically I ignore these types of posts, but this one caught my attention because I know of, and pray for, the man in the picture used at the top of Andy’s post. When I read the blog post I found myself interpreting “uncomfortable” as scared (admittedly that might not be right but how it seemed) I have had conversations with this man (the one pictured) online when he’s been discouraged in his work for the Gospel. I, too, have at times considered him a little rough, but never to a point that I thought someone might be afraid of him. I’ve watched him, through video and Facebook posts, grow in his own walk as has continued to faithfully serve Christ over the years.

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