Where The Road of Liberal Theology Leads

fitness-swingersSeriously, swinging for the Gospel? This is where the road leads that most Christians are on. Those that tell me that guarding our minds, and expecting other professing believers to do the same, is some form of legalism, are on this road. Many of the things we do in our churches, and use as so-called ministry are inexcusable actions. Some of which is disgraceful to even talk about. Video games that glorify violence as a means of “building bridges” to the lost? Movies that are full of coarseness, adultery, murder, violence, lying, etc as a way to entertain our youth so that they would feel comfortable “bringing a friend?”

When I asked, “What if I suggested we start attending strip club events in order to build bridges so we could reach strippers?” I was told, and I quote, “Now you’re just going to extremes.”

Yes, I went to an extreme. I went to an extreme because that is where a liberal, lack of respect for God’s word and God himself, leads to. I went to an extreme because that is where you have to go in order to demonstrate what some of the compromises being made today look like. Most “Christians” are so numb to culture they don’t even realize they are in love with it. You tell me, are these guys Christians? Are they bearing the fruit of a disciple of Christ? Or are they doing what they want, satisfying the flesh, and justifying it by hiding behind the un-bliblical concept of building bridges?

Now, was I ridiculous in my example of visiting a strip club? Is that “extreme” even worse than what this couple is justifying? Would you let them attend your church, or as 1 Corinthians 5 suggests would you toss them out for sexual sin?

I seriously would like to here some comments from some of the Christians on this. Especially church leadership. Read the article, then comment below, or on our Facebook page. What do you think?

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