D7100 Ordered From 6ave Has Arrived

Clearly advertised as new

Clearly advertised as new

It’s was wonderful to have the new camera arrive! I almost never order anything from places like Ebay, or Amazon, unless you count NewEgg. But for whatever reason the NewEgg orders seem far different than ordering from Ebay. Perhaps that is because I know what Ebay started as. Despite being full of apprehension we decided to go ahead and order our new camera through an Ebay seller. We made sure the rating was high, with an incredible amount of positive feedback but somehow this didn’t offer a whole lot of comfort Even with an Ebay money back guarantee we would still have the hassle of returning it, and likely paying the shipping back. Saving 1/3 of the money we’d have otherwise had to spend helped us take the plunge and risk it. Now I’d like to say up front that nothing was damaged except the packaging. Continue reading

Last Shoot With Nikon D70

Elizabeth Points at Dad

Nikon D70, Nikon AF-S DX Zoom Nikkor 18-70 lens, Focal Length: 40 mm, ISO: 1000, Shutter Speed: 1/20 Aperture: f/11

I decided I’d play around with my Nikon D70 one last time before my new camera arrives. I’ve been talking with other amateur photographers recently about different shooting styles, cameras, ISOs, editing software, and file types. I have long been a person committed to shooting in JPG only. “I paid a lot of money for the camera, it can handle some of the work load.” Has long been my mind set. But Michael (an occasional author on Faith Tech Life) has been touting the use of RAW images for quite a while now.

I also tend to use flash indoors. My lovely wife is adamant about how much she loves shots taken using only available light, but I hate the noise of the added ISO required to do so. For years I’ve opted for a fill flash, over cranking up the ISO on the D70. My gear is all kit level with the exception of my flash. The Nikon SB-800 has proven to be a very effective alternative to upping the level of ISO, but admittedly, it will deliver washed out photo’s if one isn’t careful.

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Disable TouchPad in XUbuntu While Typing

The most annoying thing about running a laptop has got to be when you are in the middle of typing and the palm of your hand sets down, or almost sets down, on your touch pad causing the cursor to leap to where your mouse was and your text to either get deleted, or you begin typing someplace unintended. This is how to deal with it!

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Why I’m Quitting Eve Online For the Last Time


About a week ago I had decided that I was going to take a break from Eve Online. Eve is an amazing game, it truly is. They have managed to balance risk verses reward in such a way that the potential loss of your in game ships can cause an adrenaline high like I haven’t experienced since raiding in EverQuest. The reality that if you explode in Eve you have just lost a substantial amount of your play hours, stacked on top of the fact that the ability to purchase game time with in game currency gives you an ability to figure out a real world value, combines to create the most exhilarating experience that a game has to offer. When you undock, no matter where you are, you could lose your ship. There is no “safe” space in Eve.

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Stop Using our Soldiers as Political Pawns

Soldier pawnsIt would be nice if people would stop using our soldiers as political pawns in every way possible. The screen shot to the left is an example of a common theme. If you want to push an agenda, you simply ridicule the person you’re fighting against. If you want to pack as much punch as you can, just negatively compare your political adversary to soldiers in some way. In this case, the argument is against raising the minimum wage. While the stance against raising the minimum wage is a logical one, the tactic of exploiting soldiers for political gain is pathetic and extremely flawed.

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Reponse: Thai surrogate says unaware twin had Down until late in pregnancy

A great deal of emotion was stirred in me as I read an article at MSN talking about a Thai Surrogate that kept a child with a disability despite being asked to abort it. As a father of a child born with Down Syndrome I can tell you, it can be rough! But I can tell you something else as well. That tough child is a child, a human child, and he has all the same needs for love and acceptance that any “normal” child has. He is quite capable of feeling emotion, and desperately needs the type of affection that speaks to him.

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Is the Ark Project a Good Thing Before God?


There are things I know are going to make me look judgmental when I sit down to write them. This would be one of those things. I have been chewing on the rational behind the Creation Museum, and now the Ark as attractions which are claimed to be ministries of, or with, Answers in Genesis (AIG). No matter how I twist it around in my mind, I can’t come to a place where I go, “That’s a good idea.” It was the posting of the picture to the left, and all of it’s “Corporate” look and feel, that finally pushed me to post my thoughts.

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Does Anyone Know What Biblical Christianity is Anymore?

I have been looking for something to write about for a few days and nothing has been hitting me. I can’t often just sit down and make things up. I have to be interested, passionate, or inspired to sit down and talk about something.

This morning, I was less than ten minutes out of bed, and I found my wife reading me this question. I hear, and read this question in one form or another probably three or four times a week from various brothers struggling to grasp an understanding of why there is such a stark contrast between the Biblical examples and the American professors. Once again a brother this morning was struggling trying to reconcile what he sees of a Christian in scripture and what he sees of those in this world.

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