Does Anyone Know What Biblical Christianity is Anymore?

I have been looking for something to write about for a few days and nothing has been hitting me. I can’t often just sit down and make things up. I have to be interested, passionate, or inspired to sit down and talk about something.

This morning, I was less than ten minutes out of bed, and I found my wife reading me this question. I hear, and read this question in one form or another probably three or four times a week from various brothers struggling to grasp an understanding of why there is such a stark contrast between the Biblical examples and the American professors. Once again a brother this morning was struggling trying to reconcile what he sees of a Christian in scripture and what he sees of those in this world.

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Pharisaical, or a Measure of Obedience?

Judgmental, legalistic, Pharisaical – These are terms I have heard the professing Christian use to identify others, or others behavior when they are being challenged by them. My own wife was once referenced as Pharisaical because she pointed out that Jesus said, “You will know them by their fruit.” Over the years of hearing these terms slung around like mud toward anyone that a “Christian” finds challenging I have come to realize that it is very likely that they have no clue what they are saying, or even referring to.

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What is Christianity?

I started writing a post with the preliminary title: “is this ministry” in which I am beginning to examine the things we call ministry. I am seeking to ascertain if what we call “ministry” is really all that we claim it to be, or if it is just our modernized pseudo-christian secular humanist way of trying to earn our salvation and/or appear pious. After doing some writing on that subject I realized that was a little too in depth a subject to tackle without a strong foundation. That foundation is this post (I hope.)

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The Servant’s Heart

Last night I went to an event held by a local church with my family and we had a wonderful time. There was food, hay rides, bonfires, and plenty of chatting. I had a really good time. I think most people, including me, would consider the event a success. The local church – the congregation – was successful in providing a good time to the people in their community.

As the evening rolled on I kept looking around and thinking: there are all these people gathered together, is anyone going to share the Gospel? I continued to think about it as the evening progressed and dark started to set in, I started to wonder: should I just stand up on one of these tables and start preaching the Gospel? It wasn’t my event, wasn’t my churches event, and if I’m honest, fear won out.

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