Is the Ark Project a Good Thing Before God?


There are things I know are going to make me look judgmental when I sit down to write them. This would be one of those things. I have been chewing on the rational behind the Creation Museum, and now the Ark as attractions which are claimed to be ministries of, or with, Answers in Genesis (AIG). No matter how I twist it around in my mind, I can’t come to a place where I go, “That’s a good idea.” It was the posting of the picture to the left, and all of it’s “Corporate” look and feel, that finally pushed me to post my thoughts.

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Why I Will Give Money to the Homeless

Lately I have seen a great many posts which recognize the homeless in our communities. It seems everyone has an opinion on what to do when you encounter them yet nobody seems to be going to the scriptures. At least it doesn’t seem to me that scripture matches what people are claiming we should or should not do with or for them.

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