Response: The man had a bible in his hand. So why did he make me feel so uncomfortable?

This morning, I woke up and the first thing in my feed was a post someone had shared by Andy Youso entitled, “The man had a bible in his hand, so why did he make me feel so uncomfortable?” Typically I ignore these types of posts, but this one caught my attention because I know of, and pray for, the man in the picture used at the top of Andy’s post. When I read the blog post I found myself interpreting “uncomfortable” as scared (admittedly that might not be right but how it seemed) I have had conversations with this man (the one pictured) online when he’s been discouraged in his work for the Gospel. I, too, have at times considered him a little rough, but never to a point that I thought someone might be afraid of him. I’ve watched him, through video and Facebook posts, grow in his own walk as has continued to faithfully serve Christ over the years.

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