Single Best Printer We Have Ever Owned – We Love The Brother MFC-L2700DW


I waited a while to write this review because so often I get a product and it works great, but then a few months later something goes wrong or I uncover something about it that I can’t stand. Fortunately, even having had it for several months, that has not happened with my Brother MFC-L2700DW. This printer has, for the most part, been simply amazing.

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D7100 Kit Ordered From allnewshop Has Arrived

D7100 KitWhat an experience this turned out to be! In an effort to save money we opted to order our new camera equipment from on-line retailers rather than from an outlet. To be fair, ordering the equipment did in fact save us over $1000.00, money that can and will be used for much better, and less selfish things than buying photography equipment. Not only did it save us a great deal of money, we were able to acquire far more equipment than we otherwise would have been able to had we gone through our typical buying avenues. Continue reading

D7100 Ordered From 6ave Has Arrived

Clearly advertised as new

Clearly advertised as new

It’s was wonderful to have the new camera arrive! I almost never order anything from places like Ebay, or Amazon, unless you count NewEgg. But for whatever reason the NewEgg orders seem far different than ordering from Ebay. Perhaps that is because I know what Ebay started as. Despite being full of apprehension we decided to go ahead and order our new camera through an Ebay seller. We made sure the rating was high, with an incredible amount of positive feedback but somehow this didn’t offer a whole lot of comfort Even with an Ebay money back guarantee we would still have the hassle of returning it, and likely paying the shipping back. Saving 1/3 of the money we’d have otherwise had to spend helped us take the plunge and risk it. Now I’d like to say up front that nothing was damaged except the packaging. Continue reading