Does Anyone Know What Biblical Christianity is Anymore?

I have been looking for something to write about for a few days and nothing has been hitting me. I can’t often just sit down and make things up. I have to be interested, passionate, or inspired to sit down and talk about something.

This morning, I was less than ten minutes out of bed, and I found my wife reading me this question. I hear, and read this question in one form or another probably three or four times a week from various brothers struggling to grasp an understanding of why there is such a stark contrast between the Biblical examples and the American professors. Once again a brother this morning was struggling trying to reconcile what he sees of a Christian in scripture and what he sees of those in this world.

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What is Christianity?

I started writing a post with the preliminary title: “is this ministry” in which I am beginning to examine the things we call ministry. I am seeking to ascertain if what we call “ministry” is really all that we claim it to be, or if it is just our modernized pseudo-christian secular humanist way of trying to earn our salvation and/or appear pious. After doing some writing on that subject I realized that was a little too in depth a subject to tackle without a strong foundation. That foundation is this post (I hope.)

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The Servant’s Heart

Last night I went to an event held by a local church with my family and we had a wonderful time. There was food, hay rides, bonfires, and plenty of chatting. I had a really good time. I think most people, including me, would consider the event a success. The local church – the congregation – was successful in providing a good time to the people in their community.

As the evening rolled on I kept looking around and thinking: there are all these people gathered together, is anyone going to share the Gospel? I continued to think about it as the evening progressed and dark started to set in, I started to wonder: should I just stand up on one of these tables and start preaching the Gospel? It wasn’t my event, wasn’t my churches event, and if I’m honest, fear won out.

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