Setting Up Brother MFC-L2700DW on Ubuntu


Tested on: Xubuntu 14.04, 14.10 & Lubuntu 14.04, 14.10

UPDATE: This article will no longer help you. I was going to remove it, but when I noticed the traffic and rankings it had on Google I decided to post a link from here to the updated instructions. This blog will cease to exist in the future. For now you can find the updated information on my tech notebook.

I mentioned, in my review of the Brother MFC-L2700DW, that the one thing I disliked about the printer was it’s difficulty to setup. It is difficult to setup because there are no clear step by step instructions available for doing it. I have had to piece together little bits of information from all over the Internet in order to make the printer work. Finally, I’ve gotten a process down, and can now quickly setup this printer on a Ubuntu machine.

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Disable TouchPad in XUbuntu While Typing

The most annoying thing about running a laptop has got to be when you are in the middle of typing and the palm of your hand sets down, or almost sets down, on your touch pad causing the cursor to leap to where your mouse was and your text to either get deleted, or you begin typing someplace unintended. This is how to deal with it!

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