Integrating Dropbox With Thunar

menuWDropboxI have been using XFCE via Xubuntu for quite some time now and one of the things I’ve found really annoying is the lack of integration of Dropbox in Thunar. It’s simple to install Dropbox itself on any version of Ubuntu, but unlike many of the other file managers there is no package in the standard repositories for tying Dropbox to Thunar . The following will install Dropbox and the integration.

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Disable TouchPad in XUbuntu While Typing

The most annoying thing about running a laptop has got to be when you are in the middle of typing and the palm of your hand sets down, or almost sets down, on your touch pad causing the cursor to leap to where your mouse was and your text to either get deleted, or you begin typing someplace unintended. This is how to deal with it!

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Gdebi Improperly Configured

Distro: Ubuntu 12.04 LTS
GDebi Version: 0.8.5build1
Confirmed Dekstops Effected: KDE 4.11, LXDE, XFCE 4.10

When intalling gdebi on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS the default settings make it impossible to install deb files by double clicking them in a file manager. GKSU will continue to ask for the administrator password over and over again.

To fix this problem open a terminal and type


Change the authentication mode from su to sudo.

Screenshot - 12042013 - 11:52:35 PM